Meet the No. 1 expert who handily outperformed investing legends Ackman, Gabelli, Greenblatt and Tepper (and more than 600 others) in Wall Street’s most prestigious competition...


On June 7, 2017, you’ll get a chance to meet the man who finished FIRST in Wall Street’s top competition last year.

The competition was filled with a murderers’ row of the best investors in the world...  

Leon Cooperman of Omega Advisors... Lee Ainslie of Maverick Capital... Jamie Dinan of York Capital Management... David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital... Rick Rieder of BlackRock...

Together, these gentlemen manage more than $5 TRILLION.

But they and more than 600 other top competitors were all forced to accept defeat in the face of investment champion Eric Fry.

Eric finished in first place, with an average gain of 150%!

And on June 7 at 1 p.m., our cameras get inside access to Eric and his unique investment strategy at his home in Laguna Beach, California.

That’s where he’s prepared to show YOU, LIVE ON CAMERA, his No. 1 secret to beating the market.

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Eric’s personal recommendations have shot up triple to quadruple digits.

In fact, he’s made other picks that over the years have soared 1,157%... 1,543%... and a remarkable $4,390 over time!

Huge moneymaking opportunities like these are extremely rare.

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Here’s what the experts are saying about America’s Top Trader:

Eric is one of the big thinkers of the investment world. I read his work because he speaks his mind and is not afraid to thumb his nose at conventional Wall Street ideas.”

Get Rich With Dividends best-selling author Marc Lichtenfeld

This is a man with a lifetime of practical experience, a broad knowledge of the markets, a contrarian spirit and a knack for finding unusual opportunities. Eric is someone you can trust – and should definitely follow.”

– Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green

Eric’s ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying macro trends, especially in commodities. It’s benefited his readers by allowing them to move ahead of the crowd. His attention to detail in his research is second to none.”

Where in the World Should I Invest? author Karim Rahemtulla

Eric Fry is one of the people I most enjoy in the financial industry. He makes me laugh. But the humor isn't idle. His sharp cynicism helps me understand what is really going on in the markets.”

– Bill Bonner, Economist and Chairman of Bonner & Partners