At 3 p.m. (and replaying at 8 p.m.) ET on August 23, Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green will reveal, live on camera, how you can get a profit of $103,599 in the next year... on just three trades.

Alex believes so strongly in this controversial strategy that he’s asked The Oxford Club to make a bold guarantee.

As you’ll see, it’s likely the strongest guarantee in the 30-year history of The Oxford Club.

But as Alex will demonstrate over the course of the broadcast, adding this level of cash to your portfolio in just one year is not only possible... it’s probable.

For decades, a small group of blue-collar individuals has accumulated exorbitant wealth through a strategy that, until now, has been largely ignored.

These men made beating the market by 200%, 500%, even 1000% per year look easy.

Combined, their numbers are even more gigantic: They’ve produced a 51,243% compounded return over the course of their careers.

Now the man who brought you “Wall Street’s 100% Success Club” will reveal the secret behind the strategy of the men we’re calling the “blue-collar billionaires.”

In this HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL broadcast, you’ll discover...

  • The true stories of the four blue-collar billionaires, gentlemen who started out as ordinary investors but used the same secret to become some of the most successful investors of all time...
  • How to personally profit from their strategy... by purchasing ignored stocks trading well below their true values...
  • An inside look at the blue-collar billionaires and the “road map to riches” they’ve left for anyone wise enough to follow...
  • People who have profited from Alex’s recommendations, like F. Bowman of Asheville, North Carolina, who told us, “I’ve grossed more than $100,000 following Alex and put my daughter through graduate school”... and R. Eberle from Dallas, Texas, who said, “I have grown my portfolio by $700,000 without having to become a stock market wizard”...
  • Details on the three opportunities that Alex is recommending right now for a chance to collect $103,599 in the coming year... guaranteed.

However, the details Alex will be sharing must be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

As such, in order to give you access to this FREE information, we must ask that you sign the non-disclosure agreement below.

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