It Happens Only Once in a Company's History…

The "Ignition Event Summit"

Companies that experience this rare one-time-ONLY moment have produced exceptional 1,924%… 4,150%… and 30,780% gains.

About the Webinar

On Wednesday, May 23 at 3 p.m. ET, The Oxford Club's Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld will put on the most beneficial live event in the Club's 25-PLUS-YEAR history.

Here's why...

Marc is releasing a brand-new system. It's based on an indicator that has obliterated the markets by 1,156% since 2015...

That's a 26-FOLD beat down.

Marc's breakthrough strategy can pinpoint - with deadly accuracy - a crucial one-time-ONLY event in a company's history.

This phenomenon, which Marc calls the " Ignition Event," almost always sends a company soaring.

"It generally means a company is going gangbusters ," reports Kiplinger.

That's spot on.

In fact, in the past year-and-a-half alone, you could've captured a...

1,814% gain on Hyatt Hotels in exactly six months...

3,925% gain on Peabody Energy Corp in 10 months...

1,054% gain on ACCO Brands Corp in ONLY 15 DAYS...

1,600% gain on Network-1 Technologies in five months...

4,891% gain on Ferrari in 16 months...

And a 1,924% gain on Winghouse in 11 months...

$1K into each of those plays could've resulted in a $158,080 WINDFALL!

On May 23 at 3 p.m. EST, Marc is going to blow the lid off his plan to help you make $125,000 "GUARANTEED" in the Ignition Event Summit.

In this EXCLUSIVE broadcast…


You'll discover why this singular event is perhaps the most important catalyst for any individual company.


Marc's guaranteeing those who follow his "Ignition Event" strategy see the chance to make AT LEAST $125,000 within the next 12 months.


You'll hear directly from Anthony Valentino of New Jersey, who says he made more than $1 million on a single play (in just 10 months!) by following Marc's advice... what the critics were saying at the time about Marc's recommended trade… and what Anthony's done with his winnings.

Featured Expert

Marc Lichtenfeld

Amazon's No. 1 Best-Selling Financial Author & "Book of the Year" Award Winner


The Host

Buddy Pittman

Three-Time Telly Award Winner & Reigning Emmy Award Finalist


On May 23 at 3 p.m. ET, Marc Is Going to Show YOU How You Can Create Your Own Fortune.

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What Marc's Readers Have to Say…

"Marc is the single best thing that has happened to my financial affairs."

Denny Holton

collecting $140,000 annually

"Marc's advice has truly impacted my family in the most positive way."

Anthony Valentino

$1M-plus on a single trade

You'll get a chance to win a pair of all-expenses-paid, first-class tickets to a DREAM VACATION! The total prize value of each ticket is worth up to $10,000!

"Marc, I made $200K on Synergy thanks to you. Bravo!"

Colin Jones

ex-skeptic turned believer