America’s No. 1 Marijuana Expert Has Just ONE Mission


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Matthew Carr is planning to lead a small, elite group to penny pot stock riches!

If you want to learn how to ride America’s wave of legalization to life-changing profits... make sure you reserve your spot now!

Matthew’s already identified these Canadian pot stocks BEFORE our neighbors to the north legalized it... and look at the prices on these!

$2 to more than $20!
$7 to $18!
Cannabis $2.40 to $10.81!
Canopy Growth
$9 to $56!
$1.81 to $6!

Now he’s saying America’s legalization is about to kick off in 2019!

To prove it, he’s going to detail a marijuana bill he discovered from a U.S. congressman...

One that Matthew has directly asked President Trump about! (And the president plans on signing it!)

All you have to do is show up at 1 p.m. ET on May 21.

Featured Expert

Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr, The No. 1 pot profit expert in the world! He called Canada's legalization exactly one year in advance. Now he's leading the charge in America!

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George Rayburn

George Rayburn, The Oxford Club’s Vice President and your host for this special event!

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